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A closeup picture of blinds that showcase the quality you can expect from the local blind & shutter factory.

Why the Local Blind & Shutter Factory Beats Big Box Stores

At AAA Blind & Shutter Factory we’re committed to giving our customers a quality experience when shopping through our curated selection of blinds. Bigger outfits have a lot to offer customers when purchasing items for their homes, and while they provide quality work, there’s just something about supporting your local blind & shutter factory.

Quality Control Guaranteed 

While large scale companies may have hundreds of options to choose from, bigger isn’t always better. Local blind and shutter factories are attuned to the in-demand requests of clients in the area; at AAA Blind & Shutter Factory, we have carefully curated our items with customers’ interests in mind ensuring satisfactory shopping with ease. Some of the most popular items in this area include plantation shutters, roller shades, and woven wood shades. 

In addition to our team’s dedication to providing quality materials to the community, we understand that accidents happen, and local businesses like AAA Blind & Shutter Factory are sensitive to such cases. If your blinds are damaged by a furry friend, or a reckless toddler, for instance, the AAA team will send someone right to your house without the need to justify a repair or going through the hassle of returning items. 

However, rather than pat ourselves on the back, we like to let our customers’ positive experiences do that for us! L.B. in North Myrtle Beach had this to say when AAA’s owner visited their home for their order:

“He was personable, honest, and fair. He did the measuring and told me exactly when to expect my order. There is no middle man here; this company is local to us in North Myrtle Beach, and the blinds and shutters are actually made in Little River. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone. The over-all experience was wonderful. Two men from the company came to install my shutters, and they were here exactly on time. The whole time from start to finish was two weeks! These are local folks making lovely window treatments! I plan to use them again in the future.”

Supporting Local Businesses Benefits You

When you shop local instead of opting for big businesses, you’re provided with the unique ability to give back to the community, which is a value that the AAA team shares. You can learn more about the history of our business here. As people who also live in the area, we want the homes in the community to look just as beautiful as the people living here do.

We aren’t the only ones who believe in shopping locally. Forbes shared the following reasons to shop local: reducing your carbon footprint, better customer service, and supporting the local economy. Whether you’re conscious of the environment or just want to support your fellow community members, everyone has a reason to support local business. 

Commitment to the Community

Another advantage to shopping with your local blind & shutter factory is, while mass-manufactured materials from big box stores can be hard to perform quality control on, the craftsmen teams like ours are trained to excel at what they do. This allows them to take the time to inspect each item and ensure that you’re getting our finest work. At AAA Blind & Shutter Factory, no guesswork is made and only the highest quality items will be sent to our customers. Plus, we also offer a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. Thanks to our diligent team, we can work together with customers to create beautiful shades for every house in the Horry and Brunswick County areas.