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Plantation Shutters made from a poly material offer exceptional insulation against heat and cold with an R value that is 60% greater than wood. The California Energy Commission determined our poly shutters limit solar heat gain as effectively as a roller shade. Plantation Shutters are great for coastal environments because this type of shutter will not expand or contract when exposed to moisture.

Poly Shutters offer excellent safety ratings and have received the least flammable rating that a product can achieve on a vertical burn test. On a smoke contribution test, a high overall rating was produced. These features make shutters built with our components ideal for a home, hotel, hospital, school or other institution.

Our poly material components are extruded in a free-foam method creating a superb level of consistency with each component. This is compared to other poly shutters which are extruded using less expensive methods which can cause contraction or shrinkage of the panel over time. Whether you are updating your home with a remodel, covering windows in a new home or installing shutters in your business, AAA Shutters work well in all types of residential and commercial environments.

AAA Shutters can be installed on a track system, over a sliding glass door, mounted on a French door, or placed directly in a shower window.

Our louvers come in  2-1/2”, 3-1/2” & 4-1/2” widths in a beautiful Snow White, to coordinate with your décor. We are the factory so we can design your shutters to offer you flexibility by incorporating a divider rail, split tilt, bi-fold panels or even a bi-pass shutter to cover your sliding glass doors.

We also have a variety of framing packages available including specialty or odd shapes.

Our customers feel confident doing business with a local company that has earned a reputation for its quality and service. Whether you’re looking for plantation shutters in Myrtle Beach, Conway, Murrells Inlet, SC, or up the coast to Southport, NC, we’ve got your windows covered!

Natural light is a great feature for any home. However, sometimes you need to control the light so that your home doesn’t have glare and isn’t too bright. AAA Blind & Shutter Factory offers interior plantation shutters for Myrtle Beach, SC, properties so that you can easily control the amount of light in your home and also enjoy the insulating properties that come with these shutters.

Why Choose Our Plantation Shutters?

As mentioned above, plantation shutters are a great option for any home. But we take everything a step further. We make our shutters out of a solid core poly material that offers fantastic insulation against the heat and the cold. In fact, the California Energy Commission rated our shutters as high as a roller shade for limiting solar heat gain.

Plus, our poly shutters gained the least flammable rating in a vertical burn test, so you can enjoy a safer shutter as well.

Besides energy efficiency and safety, one of the main considerations for you when choosing a window treatment is the aesthetics. We offer a wide range of plantation shutter shapes and styles so that you can choose which one fits your window the best. Scroll down to see images of the different design features we offer.

You can even choose to install your shutters on a track system, mount them on a French door, or place them directly in a shower window. Whatever your window needs, we will create your custom plantation shutters to help.

Why Choose AAA Blind & Shutter Factory?

Our factory has been around for over 25 years, and we specialize in custom window treatments. When you call us for plantation shutters, we’ll send one of our measurement technician out to measure your windows and hear your needs. Then, we’ll custom-create a shutter to fit those needs. Once that’s done, we’ll come out to install your shutters.

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