Serving the coast of North and South Carolina and surrounding areas from Southport to Georgetown

Blinds We Offer:

We manufacture 2″ and 2 1/2″ Faux Wood Blinds in our Little River factory using slats of PVC that adjust by rotating from an open to closed position by allowing the slats to overlap. AAA blinds are available in the colors Snow White and include a matching decorative valance.

We also have a solution for heavy blinds at your double and triple windows. The blind will be split beneath one continuous valance to provide a seamless look while keeping the blinds light enough to raise and lower easily. Even though the blinds are separate, the slats will still all tilt together.

The versatility of this classic window offering remains a durable and budget friendly option for any home in our coastal community.

Service Areas

Horry County, SC
Brunswick County, NC
Columbus County, NC
Marion County, SC
Georgetown County, SC