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What Are Arch Top and Angle Top Shutters?

Cathedral-style arch or angled windows give your living space a stylish and contemporary feel. They transform your home decor even further when you pair them with custom fitted shutters. 

Angle and arch top window treatments are sleek, easy to use, offer exceptional adjustable light control, and can uniquely accentuate your window’s shape. 

Hearing about these shutters for the first time? Here’s everything you need to know about angle and arch top shutters.

What Are Arch Top Shutters?

Arch or angle top shutters are window treatments with custom designs that perfectly fit angled windows. Homeowners often leave angled windows uncovered due to the challenges of finding a treatment to fit windows that aren’t a standard shape, such as pentagons, circular, or triangular windows. 

However, an uncovered window presents several disadvantages, including excessive heat, light glare, and lack of privacy. Fortunately, angle window treatments offer options to protect your windows from prying eyes and the sun’s heat. 

The best thing about angle top window treatments? They come in various shapes and sizes, meaning you’ll find something for your house, regardless of your window’s odd design. 

Why Should You Opt for Angle and Arch Top Blinds?

If you’ve been looking for the perfect treatments for your home’s non-standard windows, angle top shutters tick all the right boxes. Here are the top reasons why these shutters are ideal for triangular or pentagonal windows: 

  • Light and Heat Control 

There are days when it helps to let in some natural light into your home to brighten your living space; however, the sun’s rays can damage your furniture pieces, artworks, and flooring. Not to mention the visual disturbances and pain from solar glare and the uncomfortable heat on hot summer days. 

 As such, it’s ideal to regulate the amount of natural light you permit into your home. Angle top shutters help provide protection from solar damage.

  • Complete Coverage

Finding window treatments for arch-shaped windows can be challenging. Homeowners often leave these windows uncovered because standard window blinds won’t fit them perfectly enough to guarantee privacy protection or light control. 

However, angle top blinds feature diverse shapes and sizes that match any odd-shaped window. Therefore, you’re guaranteed maximum coverage and protection from prying neighbors and the sun’s rays. Plus, their unique designs mean they’ll also enhance your home’s decor. 

What to Consider When Buying Angle Top Blinds

Window blinds seem like simple furniture pieces, but they’re actually challenging to shop for, especially for arch-shaped windows. Before you purchase shutters for your circular or arched windows, here are some factors to have in mind: 

  • Window Size and Shape 

Your window’s size and shape are perhaps the most crucial factor in choosing shutters. Window treatment manufacturers design blinds for different types of windows, depending on their size and shape. 

You can’t install window treatments that weren’t built for the windows in your house. You won’t get enough coverage, and they’ll mess up your home’s aesthetic. 

This factor is especially crucial for arch-shaped windows that often require measurements to determine the ideal shutter size. As you’re shopping for your cathedral-style window treatments, it’s best to measure them to enable you to make the right choice. 

  • Shutter Quality and Your Budget

Your budget has the most significant influence on your shutter choice. Regardless of your tastes, it’s not ideal to opt for window treatments beyond what you can afford. 

However, while you want to stay within your means, that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality. Look for something that’s within your preferred price but with guaranteed longevity. 

  • Privacy and Light Protection

The basic duties of window shutters are privacy and light protection. While you want to opt for something stylish and durable, it also has to be able to protect you from prying neighbors and intruders. Anything less isn’t ideal for your home. 

Furthermore, you want to safeguard your eyes, furniture, and entire living from the sun’s glare, rays, and heat. As such, it’s best to opt for window treatments that provide heat and solar glare protection. 


Arch top windows may seem like the most challenging window types to purchase blinds for; however, these shutters provide ideal privacy protection and light control for many odd window shapes.

Searching for the perfect arch or angle top blinds for your home? Why not come take a look at our vast collection of shutters and blinds at AAA Blind & Shutter Factory? We stock a wide range of durable and stylish angle top window treatments for any window shape or size. 

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or classic shutter design, you can find something for your home among our collection of shutters and blinds. Contact us today to shop for the best angle top blinds for your living space!

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