The Best Window Treatments for Privacy

Long before we purchased them for their aesthetic value, window treatments primarily helped us filter light and heat into our homes, and protect our privacy. The latter is perhaps the most vital feature of window blinds. Finding the best window treatments for privacy is non-negotiable for those who don’t want others seeing inside their living space. 

While you want to let in as much natural light into your home to brighten your living space, you also want to ensure no one can peek into your bedroom or bathroom. 

If you’re looking to keep out prying eyes and guarantee your private time in your home, we’ve got the best window treatments for you in this article. Here are our top picks of private window coverings for any living space: 

Roller Shades 

When it comes to privacy and light filtering, it doesn’t get better than roller shades. Roller window blinds are easy-to-use and feature diverse designs and fabrics that make them a fit for any home decor, including contemporary or vintage architecture. 

Light filtering roller shades provide dual benefits: they let in as much natural light to keep your living space bright through the day while keeping your neighbors and other intruders out with their privacy features. 

For total blackouts in your bedrooms, you can opt for blackout roller shades to ensure no one is snooping around your apartment whenever you’re indoors. 

Blackout bedroom shades are also excellent at blocking solar glare and ambient light throughout the day and night to ensure you can relax and read in your bedroom in the middle of the day and sleep at night comfortably. Furthermore, their sunscreen solar fabrics guarantee 100% protection from UV light. 

Woven Wood Shades 

While some of us love sophisticated, vintage architecture in our homes, others prefer to add bits of nature across their living space. If you’re a lover of the outdoors, then woven wood shades are the perfect fit for your home. 

Made from diverse blends of natural materials (such as bamboo and reeds), woven wood shades give your apartment an irresistible earthen feel. Throw in the warm honey and cocoa colors, and you’ll find that your home’s decor never looked better. 

Of course, these aesthetic features mean nothing if you’re not guaranteed privacy protection. Fortunately, woven wood blinds feature privacy liners that ensure that no one can spy on your family. For heightened security, it’s best to purchase woven wood shades with an inside mount system.  

Roman Shades

Roman shades are hugely popular for their soft, pleated feel and elegant designs that make them a unique fit for any decor. They typically feature a drawstring to allow you to pull them up, and they remain flat against your window when closed. 

You can find Roman shades in various fabrics to fit any home decor, including polyester, woven woods, silk, and grasscloth. Roman shades are also quite excellent at filtering light and heat alongside being one of the best window treatments for privacy. 

For heightened privacy, you can also purchase Roman shades with an inside mount system paired with blackout fabrics. Some Roman window blinds also feature dual liners for your light filtering and blackout needs. 

You can use the blackout liner for when you want limited natural light or the privacy liner for those days when you want some natural light in your home but without the glare of intruders. 

Furthermore, if you own a smart home, you won’t give up your tech efficiency thanks to the existence of motorized Roman shades.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are perhaps our most popular window treatment. That’s because, not only do they provide privacy for your home, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing. This type of window treatment is very easy to use, and also super durable, providing many years of protection and privacy.

In addition to being easy to operate, plantation shutters are also very low maintenance, as they’re easy to clean. Simply clean regularly with a Swiffer duster, or wipe with a damp cloth and dry with a clean cloth anytime you need to spot clean. 


Privacy is a non-negotiable feature when purchasing window treatments. You want your shades to let in as much natural light as possible on those days when you want a brighter living room; however, you also want to be able to keep prying neighbors out at all times. 

We’ve detailed the best window treatments for privacy for your home in this article. From Roman shades to woven wood window treatments, these shades feature excellent light filtering and privacy features alongside unique designs that complement your apartment’s contemporary or vintage architecture. 

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