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The Benefits of Woven Wood Shades

Who knew sprucing up a home could be so challenging? With so many beautiful interior decor choices, it’s often difficult to choose how to reinvent the look of your home. However, when it comes to window shades, few options beat the natural aesthetic and many benefits of woven wood shades.

If you’re a fan of having bits of nature as part of your home’s decor, you can never go wrong with woven wood shades. 

The fact that they come in various colors, textures, and styles to fit any home or office design makes them an even more ideal choice for your home or workspace. 

If you’re still unsure whether woven wood shades are perfect for you, let’s help you make up your mind with a list of the top benefits of these decorative pieces. Here are all our favorite things about woven wood window shades: 

Eco-friendly and Natural 

Most homeowners these days prioritize eco-friendliness as much as aesthetics when picking interior decor pieces for their homes. If you’re one of such folks, then woven wood shades fit the bill of sustainable decorative materials you’re looking for. 

Made entirely from natural materials, woven wood window shades offer your home the rustic aesthetic you desire while also guaranteeing you’re safeguarding the environment. The best part? They’re also recyclable! 

Durability and Longevity 

If there’s one thing you don’t want as a homeowner is switching your interior decor every few years because decorative materials don’t last long. Durability tops the list of factors homeowners consider when picking interior decor pieces. 

And few window shades come close to woven wood shades in longevity. Since manufacturers craft woven wood shades from sturdy woods, they’re more imperishable than other window shades. As such, you’re not likely to worry about getting new ones soon. 


Here’s the thing about your home decor: it shouldn’t be one-sided and boring. You should have just enough variety in your home’s interior design to keep things looking refreshing whenever you step through your front door. 

And that’s another thing about woven wood shades: they’re customizable. You can find woven wood window shades that fit any window in your home, regardless of the length or width. 

These shades also come in different colors, designs, and materials (including grasses, reeds, and bamboo), giving you limitless ways to spruce your home’s look into a naturally magical aesthetic. 

Protection from UV Rays and Excess Heat

UV rays that filter through your home’s window can damage wood flooring, furniture, or art pieces. As such, you want to opt for window shades that offer protection from UV light. 

Also, while you might want some of the sun’s light in your home sometimes, the heat from the sun can be uncomfortable on some hot summer days. Having shades that protect from excess heat and natural light is invaluable on such days. 

Woven wood shades safeguard your home’s wooden furniture from the dangers of UV rays and also offer protection from excessive sunlight and heat build-up. 

Natural Texture and Warmth

There’s something comforting and welcoming about adding bits of nature to your home. Most traditional shades are often too industrial to provide the homey feeling homeowners crave from their decor. 

This aspect is where woven wood shades stand out. Because they’re products of woody materials, they’re an excellent way to introduce outdoor warmth into your living space. 

Also, the fact that they fit into any design setting means you don’t have to remake other parts of your home’s decor to get them to blend in. 

Caring for Your Woven Wooden Shades

While woven wood shades are as durable as they come, it’s crucial to know how to care for them to ensure they don’t wear out quicker due to poor use. Here are some quick tips on maintaining your woven wood window shades: 

Use A Soft Brush to Get Rid of Dust 

Dust often finds its way to the woody parts and fabric of your wood shades. However, they’re not impossible to get rid of. 

Use a vacuum and soft clean brush to remove dust particles from your window shades. You could also decide to spray the duster with a spray dust repellent before cleaning the shades. 

Check the Hardware and Maintain Any Damaged Parts 

Over time, specific parts of your woven wood shades may suffer damage and need replacing. Ensure you check the shades regularly to find out if any hardware needs maintenance to avoid the broken parts damaging other aspects. 

You should also securely tighten the bolts and hanging mechanisms to avoid putting stress and causing damage to the shades whenever you open or close them. 


There are plenty of benefits of woven wood shades: they’re durable and eco-friendly window blinds that fit any home or office aesthetic. They also offer protection from the sun’s UV rays and excessive heat. The best part? They’re effortless to maintain. 

If you want to add refreshing bits of nature to your home’s decor, you can’t do better than these window treatments. The fact that they’re customizable also means there’s more than one way to style your home and make it even more welcoming. 

Are you considering shopping for new windows shades? Check out our affordable and beautiful collection of woven wood shades at AAA Blind & Shutter Factory for your home or office today! 

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