There are so many choices when it comes to window blinds that the selection can be overwhelming.  There are all kinds of names for blinds from Roman roller blinds, to festoon blinds to faux wood blinds whatever you call your desired window treatment, we are here to help with your selection.  Blinds help to clear up the area around your windows which makes them the ideal selection for any cluttered areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

A window blind can completely change the feel of a room by the use or the material or fabric you choose for your blinds.  A Roman blind uses a sheer fabric which will help to filter light into the room and give your room a contemporary look.  Using rich solid fabric will help to block out the light and give your room a warm look and feel.  You can add trim or draped valances to the edge or the window to give it more interest and eye appeal. No matter what your dream is for your window treatment, we are here to make your dream a reality.

How to Choose the right window blind style

You need to start with an understanding of this type of window treatment.  A simple window blind is a roller blind that is composed of a flat piece of fabric that is made stiff by using a wooden roller and then attached to the top of our window with brackets.  This type of window blind can be adjusted to any height.  Roller blinds can be manufactured out of almost any fabric and a stiffening agent is then applied to the fabric.  This process allows for ease of cleaning by simply using a damp cloth.

For a more luxurious look you will want to invest in a festoon blind.  This type of window blind gives you extra fullness and is used on larger windows to give you a robust look to the room.  Festoon blinds are usually made from finer fabric textures and uses large amounts of fabric which makes it a more expensive alternative.

Creative window blind combinations

Feel free to mix and match other window treatment styles with your window blinds to give more variety to your home. To add privacy, you may want to add curtains to your blind selection. Try draping a long swag above your blinds to add color and pizzazz. Your Myrtle Beach Blind professionals can help you with your selection and ensure that your window blind selection fits with your dream plans.

Window blinds give your room a beautiful linear style that can be used in either traditional or contemporary decors.  Consider mixing blinds with shutters or even shades in your home to give more variety.

Don’t let overwhelming selections stop you from adding blinds to your home today.  Give us a call and we will work with you for the perfect combination of window blind.