Window Treatments – What You Need To Know

We all love the fun task of decorating our homes, but after the walls are painted, the wallpaper is up, and each accessory has been carefully placed, we’re often left to wonder what to do with our windows. If this stumps you like it does so many, you can easily end up with bed sheets hanging over your windows for privacy until you figure it out. You might be one of those people who designs a room around the window treatments, or perhaps you like to wait and choose the window treatments around the room. Either way, it can be really fun to add those finishing touches with blinds, shutters and/or curtains. They each offer unique advantages and we will take a quick look at them here. So, yank those sheets down from your windows as we explore some better, cost-friendly options in window treatments!!

Benefits of Window Treatments

Beyond the actual decorative value, blinds and shutters offer great benefits in your home, such as keeping your air conditioning bills low, reducing direct sunlight to your furnishings and thereby eliminating sun damage or that bleached out look fabrics get after sitting in the sunlight for a long time. Window treatments are also great for light precision, meaning you can adjust them at different times of the day to let in just the light you want and not be blinded by the sun during certain times.

Window treatments using shutters and blinds are very versatile and nowadays they come in all sorts of colors, with patterns, plain or even different textures on the surface. Window treatments can be a charming part of the room. While curtains and draperies tend to get dirty more quickly, blinds can offer a clean or more “finished” look. Blinds also sturdy and hold up well in households with kids.

Shutters and/or blinds also allow you to control that sense of ambiance and lighting that can change according to your mood. It can be nice to create a cozy space by simply changing how much light is brought in.

Then there’s privacy. Window treatments are lovely for decor, but let’s face it, privacy is something every person is entitled to, and so it’s crucial to feel secure and private in your own home. Your window treatments will go a long way in accomplishing that. Shutters offer a more traditional, elegant look and let you look out easily without others being able to look in.

If it’s cost you are most concerned with, consider customizing your window treatments with blinds, as draperies can get quite pricey. Blinds and shutters are easy to order and can be custom made for any size window. There are also many sizes straight “off the shelf” for those who have stock window sizes. The choices in window treatments really are limited. Don’t forget that you can get wooden blinds with wider slats, etc., and not just the standard metal blinds from your childhood!