Homes are being built in the Myrtle Beach are with unusual window shapes and styles.  This makes your home look attractive but it can be a problem when trying to select window treatments.  You want your home to look its best so close just isn’t good enough.  By working with a window treatments professional you can not only eliminate the frustration of finding the right fit but you also prevent a waste of time, money and emotional effort.

Window Treatments Questions You Should Ask:

  1. What direction is your window facing?  This will help to determine how much of the sun the room and furnishings is exposed to and this will help determine right type of material for your window treatments.
  2. What is the purpose of the room and what is the desired effect for that room.  Is it a formal living area, a bathroom or bedroom?  How much light do you want to block in the room?  For example, my husband hates any light coming in the bedroom.  We made sure that our window treatments completely block out the light in this room while we are sleeping.  This will also hold true for a theatre room or what is referred to in this area as a “man cave.”  You will want a lighter look for your window treatments in a Carolina room or possibly the family room.
  3. Is the window overlooking another home or facing the street.  In many of the housing developments in this area, you are looking directly into a room of your neighbors. In this case, you will want your window treatments to help with privacy.  If the window faces the street, you will want to take into consideration curb appeal.  This is especially true if you are selling your home, but even if you are not, you want your home to look appealing.
  4. Does the window overlook a special feature of your home such as a pool, garden courtyard, waterway or retaining pond?  If privacy is not an issue, you may want to elect to have no window treatments on the windows facing the special feature.  Keep in mind that window treatments will help to prevent the loss of heat in the winter and keep you cooler in the hot Myrtle Beach summers.
  5. Do you have a lot of window exposure?  As mentioned above, you will lose heat through the window in the winter and gain heat through the window in the summer.  You will want to look at window treatments that will help to insulate the window.
  6. Although we have become much more free with mixing and matching colors, you will want your window treatment to fit with the style and theme of your home.  This is one great reason to work with a professional that will come to your home and give you good advice on what window treatments are available that fit your decor.
  7. What is your budget for window treatments?  If you are in the process of building a new home, you may have a tight budget because of overages in other areas.  Your window treatment professional can give you ideas of what can be done at a lower cost today and possibly upgrade later.  In today’s real estate market, many people are purchasing homes for investment purposes.  In this situation a less expensive option will be favorable since there is the potential for more traffic in the home.
  8. How much time do you have to devote to the care and upkeep of the window treatments you select?  Many options today are easy to care for and are very low maintenance.  However, you need to check when you are making your selections.  Do you have family members with allergies?  Take this into consider when selecting window treatments with fabric.
  9. What is the best solution for the window in question?  If the window is hard to reach, you will want to go with an electronic solution to open and close the window treatments.  As we mentioned, today’s interior fashions allow for mixing and matching your window treatments.  You may find that you like plantation shutters in a formal dining or living area and shades or blinds  in your Carolina room or bedroom.  Make sure that the professional you select works with several options in window treatments.

AAA Blind and Shutter Factory can customize window treatments to fit any room in your home.  They will come to your home and work with you to find the perfect match for your décor.