Do you love the challenge of decorating your home? It can be a great adventure, however, it can also take effort and time to achieve a look that is perfect for your home.  If you are like most people, you want to reflect your personality in your home and decor. You can accomplish this through cushions, paintings, linens and bedding and especially through your window treatments like shutters, blinds and curtains.  Your window treatments are often the focal point of the room and they usually attract the most attention.  By decorating with window treatments such as blinds and shutters, you can give each room an individual look.  Whether you are a do-it-yourself decorator or you decide to hire a professional, you will want to take special care in the selection of your window treatments.

Although you can shop online for blinds, shutters and curtains, this is one area you might want to avoid the internet.  You need to see and hold the finished product.  Although you can gain valuable information by doing the initial research online, you will want to go directly the your local blind and shutter factory display room to make a final selection for blinds. Your local window treatment store can provide you with samples to take home to ensure that the selection you make compliments your other decorating selections.  Your local factory store can offer a wide selection of vertical blinds, window shades, bamboo blinds and other options.  You can fully customize your window treatment to fit into the specific room you are decorating based on window size and the fabric or materials you want to use.

Many home owners are under the false assumption that buying online or at a department store will save them hundreds of dollars.  Keep in mind that you will need to do all the measuring of the windows yourself and one wrong measurement can cause you to have to reorder the blinds.  By using a local factory dealer, they will do all the measuring and are responsible for the completed product.  If there is a problem, the turnaround time will be days instead of weeks.  Houses in the Myrtle Beach area often have odd shaped windows for a more dramatic effect.  Measuring these windows takes skill and experience.

A specialist from the factory will come to your home and help you make the right decision whether that is blinds, shutters or shades.  They will measure the windows and make suggestions for windows that are in direct sunlight for a good portion of the day or areas where the room is darker because of shadows from outside landscaping.

When you purchase online or from a department store it will be your responsibility to install your window treatments or hire someone to install the blinds for you. If you selected blinds as your window treatment, this can be a tricky task. The extra cost of having to hire someone to install the blinds will often “eat up” the initial cost savings of buying online.  A local factory store will include the installation in the cost of the blinds.

Benefits of Buying Blinds Locally

Let’s do a quick recap of the advantages of buying from a local factor store:

  1. They will measure your windows avoiding costly mistakes
  2. They will come to your home with samples and make suggestions
  3. A local store can make recommendations for those odd shaped windows.  Even suggests remote control alternatives for windows that are out of easy reach.
  4. They will install the blinds for you
  5. In most instances the time frame from selection to installation is much shorter than ordering and installing yourself.
  6. It is more cost effective than you may think.

If you are planning a special event and want everything just perfect, you definitely want to work with a local blind dealer. Even when you think you have plenty of time, ordering from outside the area can cause delays in shipments, installation and you run the risk of improper measurement and having to do the order over again.  Be safe and local from your local blind professional.