Many homes in the Myrtle Beach are have a sun room or Carolina room at the back of their home.  This provides a great extension to your home for entertaining or just relaxing with the morning paper.  Choosing the right type of window treatment for this area can be tricky.  You want to block the heat of the mid-day sun but at the same time no block the great view or feel closed in.  Solar shades have become increasingly popular due to the “Green Movement.”  With their stylish and sleek design they are both economical and functional.

Solar shades are a very popular choice in Myrtle Beach homes in areas that receive a lot of sun.  They limit the heat gain during the day, reduce glare while at the same time preserving your view.  Solar shades are also easy to operate and usually work by rolling up the shakes from the bottom.  You can also install solar shades that can be rolled down from the top.

Solar Shades limit solar heat gain

The biggest advantage of solar shades is they block the sun from entering your home.  Have you noticed a room in your home that seems to receive a lot of sunlight and is consistently hard to cool?  You may want to replace your current window covering with solar shades.  By reducing the amount of heat that filters into your home you are saving money in air conditioning costs.  You will also extend the hours that you can use your sun room by reducing the heat that filters in during the day.

Solar Shades reduced glare/UV rays

Do you have a TV in your sun room or in a room where the light from the window is glaring on the TV?  If your current shades are not blocking out the glare from the sun, it is time to take a look at solar shades.  You can select a solar shade with what is referred to as the openness factor that best suits your situation.  The lower the openness factor, the less sun and/or glare that the solar shades will allow into the room.  Solar shades, unlike blinds, do not have gaps and therefore are a great alternative to blinds for reducing glare.  Solar shades differ from regular shades with an openness factor that reduces the amount of light and glare from entering the room while at the same time preserving the view.

Solar shades also reduce the amount of UV rays that enter the home.  These rays are known for fading furniture.  Also, there is has been a lot of information in the news lately about the damaging effect of UV rays on your skin.  By blocking out the effect of these rays, you are protecting your furniture and your skin.

Solar Shades preserving view

We have mentioned this a few times in this article.  Many Myrtle Beach home owners have purchased homes on a golf course, the waterway or even an ocean view.  You want to preserver this view but at the same time keep the room temperature comfortable all year around.  Solar shades provide the great solution by keeping the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.